STUDIES & ARTICLES Clorox® Total 360® System Helps Athletic Trainer Keep the Spread of Skin Infections at Bay Athletic Trainers Challenge:

Taking care of athletes is top of mind for athletic trainers. This was no exception for a Texas high school athletic trainer, David Bowman. But there were some challenges. When his football player got a staph infection, it would quickly spread to multiple athletes turning into an outbreak. He tried using a mister system, but it didn’t work. The locker room had poor ventilation and always smelled musty, particularly on a rainy day. There was also no effective way to sanitize the football gear including helmets and shoulder pads, creating mould and odour problems

A distributor rep introduced the athletic trainer to Clorox® Total 360® System, an electrostatic sprayer paired with Clorox® Disinfectant Cleaner. He began using the System on a weekly basis to spray down the locker rooms including the lockers that kept the helmets and pads, shower rooms, restrooms and the training room. It took him just under an hour to spray all these spaces. During rainy periods, he sprayed these areas two to three times a week. 

Since incorporating the Clorox® Total 360® System into his cleaning routine, he saw a significant drop in many types of staph-related infections. If a student is infected outside of the school, he is able to contain the infection to that student and not spread to others. He also no longer has an odour or mould problem in the locker room. The wrestling team recently experienced a ringworm outbreak, so he loaned the System to the coach to spray the wrestling mats, walls and locker room daily for a week. By the end of the week, the outbreak was contained.

‘This System is the greatest thing I’ve ever purchased! When we first got the device, we sanitized our entire shoulder pads and helmet inventory in just under 30 minutes. It was the first true clean they have had in many years. Also, with this device, I feel more in control to protect the well-being of my student athletes.’

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Texas High School

David Bowman, Texas High School Athletic Trainer

‘We appointed Infection Protection to ensure our that our Warehouse, Distribution Centres and our team members and their Workplaces were kept as safe and healthy as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic and as National Supply Providers to essential service sectors we had to remain open. 

Infection Protections use of the TGA Approved Clorox Total 360 system and its proven efficacy against SARS-COVID-19 (COVID-19), Hepatitis, Cold and Flu Viruses, Human Coronaviruses and MRSA (Staph) , Salmonella, E Coli and 99.9 per cent of Bacteria on a daily basis gives us a very high level of sanitisation and disinfection if our Facilities.  

Having seen the product applied through the Electrostatic Clorox machine we have been very impressed with the overall 360-degree coverage of this system and it has no down time after application.’ 


Bunzl Warehouses and Distribution Centres

Greg Crisp, Sector Manager – Facility Management for BUNZL Australia and New Zealand

‘The CLOROX TOTAL 360s revolutionary technology is backed by a Century of Expertise just like us. 

One of the most important things is to keep the clubhouse facilities as clean, sanitised and disinfected as much as possible which keeps our players healthy throughout the long season. 

We now use the CLOROX 360 system on a daily basis in our Clubhouse Training room and weight room, on a daily basis. 

We have looked at other foggers, misters and alternatives to the CLOROX 360 System in our opinion the CLOROX TOTAL 360 system is the best way for us to keep our facilities and clubhouse safer for our Players.

Here at the REDSOX we do look for trusted Partners with Brand recognition who have been in the business for a long time and not only do we use the CLOROX TOTAL 360 system in our Clubhouse we use the CLOROX professional products throughout the park.

I think the longer our players stay healthy the better chance we have of being champions.

We want our Players on the field beating the other team not at home with the flu and that’s why the REDSOX teamed up with the CLOROX TOTAL 360 system as together we are unbeatable and together the other teams and germs don’t stand a chance.’

Boston Redsox

John Lister, Senior Director of Facilities Management