Sporting Facilities

As the world comes to terms with how better to protect Athletes and Sporting Club Staff we can help.

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria like methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is also a cause of concern in settings like athletic facilities, where skin-to-skin contact and shared equipment or supplies may increase the risk of MRSA infections. Since illness-causing germs can survive on surfaces for extended periods, facilities need to be confident that their cleaning and disinfecting protocols can get the job done.

Infection Protections use of the TGA Approved Clorox Total 360 product and electrostatic system and its proven efficacy against SARS-COVID-19 (COVID-19), Hepatitis, Cold and Flu Viruses, Human Coronaviruses and MRSA (Staph) , Salmonella, E Coli and 99.9 per cent of Bacteria on a daily basis gives a very high level of sanitisation and disinfection of our all Sporting team Facilities including:

  • Gyms, all equipment and benches and training Centres
  • Physio rooms
  • Dining Areas
  • Communal Sports and meeting Areas
  • Buses and vehicles used for Player transport
  • Boardrooms, Administration offices
  • Accommodation blocks
  • All Toilet and Shower Areas
  • All Kitchen and dining areas

Result – Safe healthier players and a reduction in the time, length and incidences of these serious viruses that can affect the season.