Education Providers

Educational facilities allow our children the opportunity to grow and learn, setting the foundation for their futures. No parent wants their child to be exposed to environments where illness causing cold and flu viruses and bacteria spread, but in each learning institution, whether it be a school or university, there are thousands of hard to reach surfaces covered in pathogens and they are extremely difficult to disinfect.

A worldwide increase in severe viral illnesses and influenza cases, coupled with the emergence of COVID-19, have only strengthened the argument that manual cleaning methods and traditional disinfecting tools are not designed to effectively reach all areas, leaving schools, universities, teachers, students and visitors at risk.

Outbreaks of these common illnesses result in significant absenteeism in students, teachers and support staff. This can prove very costly if an outbreak occurs in terms of a loss in productivity, substitute education provider costs, and disruptions to student’s learning outcomes. They can also prove costly to an education provider’s reputation if the outbreaks are of a large scale and/or if they re-occur.

By implementing a regular Infection Protection system on a daily, weekly or monthly basis we reduce that risk exponentially by disinfecting and sanitising all those hard to reach, difficult to clean areas, and delivering superior coverage to other cleaning options in the market. Infection Protection will keep your learning institution safer and healthier, whilst saving time and money.

A regular treatment program can be carried out using either the Clorox® Total 360® or the OXIVIR® TB disinfectant by your regular cleaning staff or our team.

It is also becoming far more important for parents to know that learning institutions take proactive steps to mitigate the risk of infection. Infection Protection ensures that you have the highest level of protection available.