Schools & Education

We all want our schools to be places where our children grow and learn, not where illness causing Cold and Flu Viruses and Bacteria spread, but there are 1000’s of hard to reach surfaces covered in Pathogens and they are difficult to disinfect.

With the increase in sever Viral illnesses and Influenza cases worldwide Manual cleaning methods and traditional disinfecting tools are good however they are not designed to effectively reach all areas, leaving schools, teachers, students and visitors at risk.

These illnesses result in significant absenteeism in Students, Teachers and Workers and can prove very costly with the cost of replacement teachers growing exponentially. They can also prove costly to a Schools reputation particularly if the outbreaks occur and re-occur.

By implementing a regular Infection Protection system on a daily, weekly or monthly basis we are able to disinfect and sanitise all those hard to reach, difficult to clean areas and deliver superior coverage which in turn keeps your School safer and healthier, whilst saving time and money.

The electrostatic sprayer when combined with our hospital grade disinfectants can help reduce the outbreaks, their regularity of occurrence and the severity of them.

It is also becoming far more important to Parents to know that their School is taking Pro-active steps to kill all the viruses and bacteria they can in their children’s schools. It’s time to get onto the front foot and fight these illnesses year-round, not just when outbreaks occur.